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he went thither, and sat in state in the midst of all his courtiers
and the holders of the seventy-two vhiiyogas.
At that time, (a company of) Telugu acrobats called the
Dombas came to the court, and obtained at once permission to
exhibit their feats (before the assembled courtier*}. The per-
formance continued for about four to six hours; and wheu it
was concluded the king commanded that they should be given
betel leaves, nuts, and presents (as suited to their skill). When
this was done, the Dombas prostrated before the King of Kings,
and petitioned that His Majesty might be pleased to bestow
upon them ten pigs for the purpose of eating. The ifarapati
having caused the desired animals to be brought before him
from the karkhana of the palace, and giving them to the
acrobats permitted them to depart from his presence.
The mahaldftr ot All! Adula Sahu was also sitting (in the
assembly). As soon as he saw the swine, covering his face
(with his hands) he said :*
" I am a Mussalmaii by birth ; these impure beasts should
not come within my sight; it they come (before me\ I should
not see them. A llussalman, who looks at these filthy crea-
tures, becomes (by that very act) a Hindu."
On hearing this, the king observed :
" People of your community eat fowl. A person who
consumes a fowl, consumes filth at the same time,"
The viahaldar replied:
" You eat impure animals ; aud consequently the race to
which you belong is, indeed, low."
On hearing these words, the King of Kings became indig-
nant He had all the swine in the city collected; and com-
manded that all of them should be driven inside a large house,
* At this time the maluild&r of AJ1I Adil Shah, coming in to the Raja to confer on
th important business h in* charctd with *d meetiaf &* talmal* on bit way,
imm*dittaly oorrd his fae*